This is our site for artists or female artists who want to know how an artwork or photo is coming into our online-shop...
First of all we would like to help the forest, as you can see on our website
We need therefore a short CV ( what you have done as an artis or female artist ) by you plus a description of the artwork or photo which you want to
get displayed at our website.
And we need a photo-price or artwork-price for which you want to sell your artwork at and the information for which country-specific-income-fund
at 10% of the sale-price should be. So the best is that a minimum of 10% of each saled painted artwork or photo are for the forest-protection
or for other good environmental things.
We hope this answers we need by you can be send to us quickly, so that we can make a sale via for one of your painted pictures or photowork and
we hope that a lot of people like to buy then at, but this we can not influence much (because art ist art ;-)), as you will know it.
After getting your infos we are going to tell you then if you can take part with your pictures or photos in our online galery.
But now to the more important things of how the delivery happens at′s shop...
The photos or painted artworks are sent to us by you ( the artist ) when someone will buy one picture or photo at
So you ( the artist ) have to send us your photo with DHL or Hermes to our adress here in Germany and after that we will
( to send it after the look of you photograph ) send it then to our buyer. In other words, we watch the photo or artwork you have send us and
then we at bring your photo or artwork to the Deutsche Post (DHL) again to send it to the buyer.
If this is done fine you get back 80 % ( the restmoney of the 100% sale-price which you can tell us at at anytime) of the artwork-price by us.
But that is just for three times. After that happens well done for all of the three sites (the buyer, and the artist who shows art at )
we trust you as an artist or photographer and then you can get a little more percentages than just only 80 % of the sale price.
So the sale-amount which you can get as an artist or photograper depends on some milestones wants to reach with their website and after reached
milestones you probably can get more then 82,5 % (it can go up to 85 % max. of the sale-price).
After that three times sending us your artwork you are getting 82,5 % from the sale-price to send a picture or photo directly to the buyers postal adress.
So after the 3rd sale we are going to inform you just if a buyer is intrested in an artwork in our artshop.
Then you have to deliver the artwork directly to us or to the buyers postal adress which was given to us at

That´s all so far.
So please come back later because some parts of the english website of are still under construction.

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